The OE Team

Online education has fast become one of the preferred methods of study for people all around the world who are looking for additional skills to help them make more money, start successful careers, turn a favourite interest into something more or accomplish a personal quest for self-improvement. Whilst distance-learning programs have been available from a variety of providers for some time, it is the interaction of the web which has revolutionised the opportunities available to students wishing to study in this way.

While Online Education Pty. Ltd. is physically based on the east coast of Australia, the company prides itself on working internationally and with individuals from all over the globe. The Key Figures alone represent the Netherlands, Italy, America and the United Kingdom, while tutors working locally and overseas hail from France, Portugal, Brazil, Germany, New Zealand and Spain, to name a few.

This diversity in staff not only provides a great depth of professional experience, but it also allows Online Education Pty. Ltd. to provide quality learning opportunities to even the most remote students in over 20 counties. Without these individuals it would be impossible to provide relevant and dedicated feedback to each and every one of our students.

Furthermore, all of the staff members at Online Education - managers, administrators, support and tutors alike - are dedicated to improving the lives of others through e-learning, and they firmly believe that this is the gateway to a better future.

Dick van Damme

Founder & Owner

Anthony Mondello


Ilka-Maud Czerny

CEO Online Education Europe GmbH

Hilary Kay

Art Institute Curator


Josephine van Damme
Global Operations Manager
Rika Vytopil
Finance Officer
Jasmine Abel
Social Media Manager
and Business Unit Manager
Haylee Carruthers
Social Media Manager
and Business Unit Manager
Josiah Knoechel
Graphic Designer
Ian Davis
Student Support
Bethaney Nero
Student Support
Louis Carramaschi
Student Support
Nikki van Helden
Student Support
Steven Vote
Student Support
Caroline Dranoff
Student Support
Angelo Salazar
Senior Software Engineer
Jovet Iglamo
Senior Software Engineer
Jan Duldulao
Senior Software Engineer
Melissa Ann Tumulak
Senior Designer


Libby Anson
Stephen Farthing
Marian Dirkzwager
Ali Daniell
Ashley Vancardo
Bronwyn James
Catherine Farren-Price
Chen Yun Mu
Emer Hawkins
Evette Annandale
Kim Lane
Leigh Romanello
Linda Bistricic
Lena Seifert
Nolene de Jager
Robert Parisi
Savitri Gandakusumah
Sophie Seeger
Talin Leask
Vicki Mullins
Wendi Snyder
Lauren Davies
Fabienne Berard
Loriane Berthon
Peggy Cremers
George Seper
Leila Nasr
Anne-Claire Lans
Charo Moreno
Quentin Calvinhac
Joanna Tarlet Gauteur
Julian Watt
Esther Lozano
Etienne Oosthuizen
Francesco Carovillano
Gary Wallis
Iris Claeys
Joke Schut
Justin Aitken
Louis Carramaschi
Minori Kawana
Monica Buscarino
Nacho González
Rory Hinds
Satoru Mikami
Scarlett Girault
Stefan Hopf
Steven Vote
Wim Woeber
Wouter le Duc
Yvette Worboys
Eryn Shannon
Rachel Dal Santo
Kim Malcolm
Kassandra Kaleda


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